"Pipeline Installation" Book

book coverHoward's book, "Pipeline Installation" has sold more than 3,000 copies worldwide and continues to be the most popular publication on the topic. This foundational book covers the fundamentals of pipe-soil interaction as related to the construction of a buried pipeline. It is in its third printing.



  • How the soil and pipe properties must both be jointly incorporated into the design process
  • How the subsequent installation procedures must be consistent with design assumptions

All types of pipe are discussed. From unloading the pipe at the construction site to final testing for acceptance, each step in the installation sequence is reviewed in detail.

Proper selection of soil type and compaction level for the soil support system for both rigid and flexible pipe is discussed, along with the appropriate soil testing requirements and standards.

Each phase of the installation process has a section on "Construction Considerations" describing techniques of physically burying the pipe, and an "Inspection Checklist" for the on-site inspector to use as a guide for proper installation procedures.


  • Published 1996: ISBN 0-9651002-0-0
  • Chapter on flowable fill (soil-cement slurry) which is becoming widely accepted as an alternative to compacted soil for pipe bedding, embedment, and backfill.
  • Chapter on predicting the deflection of a buried flexible pipe and all the design and construction parameters that should be considered.
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