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Technical Notes

Constrained Modulus of Crushed Rock | Download
Compaction by Vibration | Download
Compaction Under a Pipe | Download
Composite E Prime | Download
Crossing Pipelines | Download
Deflection Lag and Time Lag | Download
E Prime vs Depth | Download
Deflection Lag and Time Lag | Download
Flowable Fill Using In-Situ Soils | Download
Five Types of Pipeline Trenches | Download
How to Measure Radius of Curvature | Download
Measuring Soil Compaction | Download
Nearness of Pipe | Download
Pipe - Structure Connection | Download
References Flowable Fill | Download
Uniform Soil Groups for Pipeline Installation | Download
Video Inspection of Buried Pipe | Download
"Self-Compacting Soils" -- Not! | Download
USBR M-25 | Download

Papers by Amster Howard

The Reclamation E’ Table, 25 Years Later” by Amster Howard with updated and revised table of values for E’  | Download

Howard, A.K., and Bowles, L., “Flowable Fill and the Ridges Basin Inlet Conduit,” Proceedings of the ASCE Conference, Pipelines 2008, Atlanta, Georgia, July 2008. | Download 

"Underground Construction" Magazine Articles

Understanding Native Flowable Fill (Nov. 2015, pp.32-33) | Download | View Online

'Self-Compacting' Soils (Feb. 2016, pp.28-29) | Download | View Online

Uniform Soil Groups for Pipe Installation (May. 2016, pp.24-25) | Download | View Online

Percent Compaction (Nov. 2016, pp.30-31) | Download

Soil Testing: Updating Specifications (Feb. 2017, pp.28-29) | Download | View Online

Test Standards for Flowable Fill (June 2017, pp.14-16) | Download