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Pipeline Installation 2.0, is an update to Pipeline Installation. It was released in 2015 and is now available. Click on the BOOK menu item above for more information.

Links from Pipeline Installation 2.0 Book

Chapter 3 NRCS Soil Classification Training |
The above site provides training materials in the form of workbooks and PowerPoints. I recommend: Power Point Soils – Unified Soil Classification System, Part A: Laboratory Classification and Power Point Soils – Unified Soil Classification System, Part C: Visual Classification.
Unified Soil Classification System Module 1, Part A: Terms and Definitions |
Unified Soil Classification System Module 1, Part B: Laboratory Data |
Unified Soil Classification System Module 1, Part C: Field Procedures |
Soils – USDA Textural Soil Classification Module 3 |
Soils – AASHTO Module 2 | New Mexico DOT AASHTO system |
Chapter 4 NRSC Compaction PowerPoint Presentation |
Chapter 6 Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Concrete Pipe Acceptance |
Missouri Department of Transportation MoDOT Pipe Inspection Guide) |
Washington State DOSH “Forklift Safety Guide” |
OSHA Sample Daily forklift inspection checklist |
Florida Department of Transportation Repair Guidelines |
USBR Concrete Repair Guide |
Chapter 7 NIOSH “Awareness of Trench Safety |
Tulane University “Slope Stability, Triggering Events” |
Potholing |
Chapter 11 Confined Space Dangers |
Chapter 13 Vitrified Clay Pipe Engineering Manual (you have to register to be able to download the manual) |
Design Data 9, American Concrete Pipe Association |
Chapter 16 Corps of Engineers “General Design and Construction Considerations for Earth and Rock-fill Dams,” Chapter 8 “Appurtenant Structures” |
FEMA Manual P675 Plastic Pipe through Embankment Dams |
FEMA 484 Conduits through Embankment Dams |
Great West Engineering Manual, CMP in Embankments | _manual.pdf
Keller and Sherar manual, Culvert Use and Installation | ation_&_Sizing.pdf
Veesaert. “Inspection of Spillways, Outlet Works, and Mechanical Equipment,” | inspofspillwaysoutletsmechequip_281120_7.pdf
Chapter 17EPA Report on Rehabilitation of Sewers and Water Mains (2011) |
National Clay Pipe Institute video “Knowing Your Limitations” |
OSHA Confined Space Regulations (29 CFR) | p_table=standards&p_id=9797
Simplified OSHA Confined Space (Permit-Required Confined Spaces) |
OSHA Confined Space Advisor |
Smoke Testing |
Ramona CA Smoke Test Bulletin |
Evaluation of Concrete Pipe |
Laser Profile |