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Amster Howard is an internationally-recognized pipeline installation expert specializing in the soil-structure interaction of buried pipe. As a civil engineering consultant, he investigates pipeline failures and pipeline construction problems. He reviews specifications, installation manuals, and standards for conformance to proper and current practices. He also advises on the proper use of soil and how it should be compacted to provide a successful pipeline project.

E Prime

Howard developed the US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) table of “E prime” values that is used in many ASTM, ASCE, and AWWA standards and manuals for estimating the deflection of buried flexible pipe.

US Bureau of Reclamation

While with the USBR, Howard conducted research on buried rigid and flexible pipe, investigated field construction problems, prepared specifications and manuals, and conducted seminars on soil classification, earthwork construction control, flowable fill, and pipe installation. The USBR built Grand Coulee Dam, Hoover Dam, and Glen Canyon Dam, as well as constructing over 10,000 miles of pipe to deliver water from reservoirs to farmlands and cities. Now retired, Amster Howard is one of the principal instructors for the ASCE Continuing Education Seminar on “Design and Installation of Buried Pipe.”


His books on Pipeline Installation have sold more than 8,000 copies worldwide. Pipeline Installation 2.0 continues to be the most popular publication on the topic. 

ASTM Standards

Howard’s on-going work includes authoring/publishing several ASTM standards for soil testing and soil classification, and writing technical papers covering a wide range of topics including pipe installation, flowable fill (CLSM) techniques for pipe construction, soil-cement dam facings, soil classification, soil testing procedures, flexible pipe behavior, and soil pressures around concrete pipe.

Lifetime Achievement Award

In 1996, Amster K. Howard was the recipient of the Stephen D. Bechtel Pipeline Engineering Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers. This award was created to acknowledge exceptional accomplishments in pipeline engineering, demonstrating a significant contribution to the progression of pipeline engineering through research, planning, design, or construction. Written presentations, outstanding performance, or specific noteworthy actions may qualify for the award.

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