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    Book Reviews

    A Must-Read for Anyone Involved in the Installation of Buried Pipelines

    Understanding the pipe soil interface is critical to ensure success in buried pipeline installations. Amster takes a subject often viewed as complex or challenging by many and puts it into very easy to understand layman terms. Concepts are described or illustrated in a very logical step by step manner making the theory of pipe burial along with soil classification easy to understand. A must read for anyone involved in the installation of buried pipelines.

    Mike Whitehouse

    Necessary for You and Your Library

    Amster Howard’s Pipeline Installation 2.0 culminates more than 50 years of research, seminars, writings and field applications in an easy to read, learn and apply book. Each chapter contains a 3-second summary and a full summary; also, many chapters include an inspection checklist.

    The book contains valuable design, construction and inspection information on rigid and flexible pipes, soil classification and compaction, trench excavation, bedding, embedment, backfill, flowable fill, and many other important topics. The book emphasizes the importance for construction methods to be consistent with the design methods.

    If you are a pipeline designer, contractor, inspector or a student, this book is necessary for you and for your library.

    Camille George Rubeiz, PE, Director of Engineering

    The Best I Have Found

    This is a wonderful book. I am a pipeline engineer working with installation instructions frequently. It has great information with fun illustrations. Chapters 4 and 5 on soil density and compaction are the best I have found in any book. Chapter 15 on flowable fill is great current information that is very important as many pipelines are using flowable fill for haunch support. Easily a 5 star book!

    Dustin Langston

    Great Reference for the Pipeline Industry

    This book is a great reference for new engineers and designers in the pipeline industry. Many of them come into the industry with very little knowledge about the different pipe materials, soil classification and trenching conditions. In addition, the illustrations are very helpful in communicate the information and details to the reader. I only wish that this book would have been available 15 years ago!

    Jeff LeBlanc