Inspector Course Reviews


Course Testimonials

Opened my Eyes

I am a supervisor for the Trinity River Authority and have been installing pipeline projects for 18 years. This study course has opened my eyes to a couple of things that I was unaware of and will be a great learning course for my guys.

David Johnson

Easy Way to Get Comfortable

Fast and easy way to get comfortable with proper pipeline installation and inspections.

Tom Hale

I Appreciate the Knowledge I Gained

Everything I reviewed and had a chance to look over and learn was on point. I appreciate the knowledge that I gained at the time of finishing the course. All information will be used in the field to help me grow and also to show me what I need to look for on my job site.

Roderick Jones

Great Instructor

A great instructor and course for pipeline designers/engineers! This course consists of combined theoretical and practical cases to learn how to install pipelines. Very organized and understandable!  Great job!

Atousa Plasied

Very Helpful to Build a Solid Foundation

As a new employee and someone new to water resources, this course was very helpful to build a solid foundation for future designs and inspections.

Endrit Shabani